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Library DIY

Navigating UWG library resources and research

Look for a specific article

If you know the name of the article you need but aren't sure where to get it, start with the Library's default search box. It searches almost all of the Library's databases.

There are several ways to access the Discover GALILEO:

  1. Use the Search box on the Library homepage (upper right). Enter relevant search terms in the single search box, or click "Advanced Search" to enter a more complex search. It is usually easiest to enter the article title and, if known, the author(s) names. 
  2. If you are on the Library's Databases & GALILEO page, enter search terms in the search box under "DISCOVER - Search for articles, books, media and more…," or click "Advanced Search" to enter a more complex search. 

If you enter the article title, the article will usually be at the top of your results list. Be sure that the search result is what you need by checking details like the author/s, publication source, and year.

Once you find the article, look for a link to it. If no link is provided, click the Find It button. This will search for access to the article. If the item is unavailable, you will see a link to to Request From Interlibrary Loan (also known as ILL or Resource Sharing), where you can request the article. 

If you don't immediately find the article...

If you do not immediately find the article  but know the source in which it was published (e.g., journal or book title), search in the Library Catalog for the publication title (e.g., Journal of Internal Medicine). If the Library has the publication source, look at whether the publication dates you need match the dates for the Library has access to the source. Digital sources will be accessible via a link.

If the Library does not have the article, please request it through Resource Sharing. You can also access Resource Sharing from most Library databases by clicking the Find It button next to an article record.

Google Scholar Library Links

This Google Scholar link will allow you to view full-text of those items to which the UWG Ingram Library provides access (if you are off-campus you may first be prompted for your UWG ID and Password).

Add UWG Library links to Google Scholar

Linking your UWG account to Google Scholar will allow you to avoid pay walls and gain immediate access to resources owned by the library that appear in your search results. If you don't link the UWG Library to Google Scholar you will have to search for individual titles in the library databases to determine availability. To configure your Google Scholar, click on the hamburger menu item (the three horizontal parallel lines) in the top left corner of the Google Scholar screen. Then click on "Settings" (next to the gear-like icon) and from that screen click on "Library Links". If you don't already see a check box for "University of West Georgia - Full Text @ UWG" then do a search on "University of West Georgia" in the search box and then select it as your library.

Screenshot showing which boxes should be checked when adding library links in Google.

2. Search in the Journals List for the publication in which the article appeared.

Search for the publication in the library journal list (Library Home Page > Research Tools/Catalog/Find e-Journals)  
Enter Journal Title in the Search Box. If you locate the publication, you can then search within it for the article.

3. If we do not have the article in online format, request it through Resource Sharing. Do not pay for individual articles - you are already paying for access with your UWG tuition. 

Questions? Ask a Librarian!