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Theses & dissertations

What are theses and dissertations?

A thesis (plural: theses) is a lengthy scholarly paper completed by master's degree students as a culmination of their studies. A dissertation is a lengthy (often book-length) scholarly paper completed by a doctoral student as a culmination of their studies.


Finding theses and dissertations from UWG students

More recent UWG theses and dissertations may not yet be available in the catalog, in which case try the resources listed below. To find a thesis or dissertation on a topic, search the UWG Library Catalog using keywords and add the words thesis and "West Georgia."*  

* If you put "University of West Georgia" you will not get the theses written by students when UWG's name was "West Georgia College."

If you want to find a thesis or dissertation by specific UWG alumni, do an author search with their name(s). 


Using the Theses and dissertations database

Dissertations & Theses with Full Text  includes dissertations and dissertation abstracts for most US academic institutions. If the full text of an item is unavailable, please do not purchase it through the database. Request it through Resource Sharing