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Library DIY

Navigating UWG library resources and research

Do NOT pay for an article

Do NOT pay for individual articles - you are already paying for access with your UWG tuition.  

Sometimes when you are searching for an article -- even if you start from a library database -- you will end up on an external webpage that asks you to pay to access the article. You do not need to pay for the article; Ingram Library's Resource Sharing office will request books, book chapters, and articles for you from other libraries. To check whether UWG Library has access to the article, or whether you will need to request that article through Resource Sharing (also known as Interlibrary Loan), do the following:

Search for the article by typing its title in the Multi-Search box on the Ingram Library homepage

Try this first, but if you still don't find the article then move to the next idea...

Search in the UWG library catalog for the publication in which the article appeared. 

If you know the journal title or other citation information, search for the publication in the UWG library catalog's e-journal list (Library Home Page > Catalog> E-journals list).  If you locate the publication, you can then search within it for the article.

If we do not have the article in print or online, request it through Resource Sharing