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Troubleshoot printing issues

How to print in the Library

Ingram Library has a Wēpa print station on the 1st floor; the printer is located near the computer lab area.  Before you can print you will need to setup your Wēpa printing account. Below are instructions to get you started.


Setup a Wēpa printing account

Follow this link to setup your Wēpa account first.

  1. Login with your campus ID and password.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Sending prints to a Wēpa station

You can send prints to the Wēpa station using the following formats:

  1. Login at, select your documents and "send to Wēpa."
  2. Using the email tied to your Wēpa account, email your documents to
  3. One-time download of the Wēpa print driver to your personal computer: Open your document, choose "file>print" and select the Wēpa printer.
  4. Link your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, or OneDrive account to your Wēpa account to access documents from Wepa stations.
  5. Insert your USB drive at any Wēpa print station.
Retrieving prints from a Wēpa station
  1. Swipe your campus card at any Wēpa print station or login in manually using the keyboard.
  2. Select the documents you want to print or select your cloud service to access documents.
  3. Choose your payment method.
  4. Collect your prints and make sure you have logged out of your account.


Paying for prints

There are several options to pay for prints.

  1. Wēpa stations accepts credit/debit cards. However, a transaction fee will be charged to your card.
  2. Add funds directly to your Wepa account. Add funds by selecting "Deposit Funds" at any print station or from within your Wēpa account at
  3. Wēpa also accepts payments from PayPal accounts.


Wireless & Mobile Printing

You can send documents to Wēpa stations from any device including PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. Download the "Wēpa print" app and follow the instructions to print from your phone.