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Who has cited a work

Find out how many times the article has been cited with Google Scholar. Finding out how many times an article has been cited can help you identify the impact that research has had. It also can help you find other articles on a similar topic. It is a good strategy to employ when you have found an article and want to find more.

Note: Google Scholar lists more than articles that have cited a work (for example, presentations, conference proceedings).

Note: You won't find "cited by" or "cited reference" results for new publications. This is because it takes time for an article to get published and then discovered by another author who reads it, cites it, and publishes their article referring to the first one. If you do not find that anyone has cited a recent article, that does not necessarily mean that the article is not important. 

Finding citations in Google Scholar

Search for the article title. At the bottom of the record, click the "Cited by" link to see works that have cited the article.


A screenshot of Google Scholar search results with a circle around the number of times the item has been cited.