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Food and Nutrition

Longevity, Food and Nutrition


  • Simeone, Kristina A. (2016). Ketogenic diet treatment increases longevity. Epilepsia (series 4) Vol.57 pg. 178-182.  ACCESS REQUIRES UWG ID AND PASSWORD.  Comment by a UWG Student:   Tests the hypothesis that long-term treatment with the ketogenic diet ( KD) will prolong the life of people.


How You Can Increase Your Longevity.   COMMENT FROM A UWG STUDENT:  A behavioral change expert provides advice for living a longer life, including eating well. 

Furhman, John (2020). Best Foods for Longevity. In a short, readable article, a physician lists the best foods to increase one's likelihood of living a longer life. Photographs of the foods are included on the site.  

Watson, Chris. (n.d.) Eat for Longer:.  COMMENT FROM A UWG STUDENT:  Blog site where the author provides detailed tips and posts regarding how specific foods enhance life expectancy and health.  

Harvard University  (n.d.)"Science & Cooking:  From Haute Cousine to Soft Matter Science"  This is a free 16-week online course.  Top chefs explore how cooking every day relates to chemistry or another branch of science (depending on the instructor). 

Medline Plus (n.d). Nutrition for Older Adults.  COMMENT FROM A UWG STUDENT:  This article describes what nutrition is and why it is important for older adults. Nutrition is about eating a healthy and balanced diet. Our bodies need certain foods to be healthy so that they can function, grow, and so that we have energy. No matter the age, nutrition is important so that chronic diseases will not be developed in the long run. Overall, this article answers many questions that occur as one gets older and has trouble balancing life and a healthy diet. 

IMAGE CREDIT:  D Van Rensburg. Free for Use.