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Food and Nutrition

Sports, Exercise, and Nutrition Resources

  • Clark, N. (2011). Dieting, weight & exercise: Finding a healthy balanceHellenic Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics2(2), 73–77   ACCESS REQUIRES UWG ID AND PASSWORD.  Comment by a UWG Student:  This is an article addressing dieting and exercising myths that perpetuate difficulty with weight reproduction. This article also discusses finding the right nutritional balance of diet and exercise for athletes.


  • de Souza, N. L., Esopenko, C., Conway, F. N., Todaro, S. M., & Buckman, J. F. (2021). Patterns of health behaviors affecting mental health in collegiate athletes. Journal of American College Health, 69 (5), 495–502. ACCESS REQUIRES UWG ID AND PASSWORD.  Comment by a UWG Student: The authors talk about how food habits can affect the mental and p physical health of athletes.



  • MURPHY, L. (2017). Nutrition & Exercise: Timing Is EverythingAmerican Fitness35(2), 25–32. ACCESS REQUIRES UWG ID AND PASSWORD.  The article reports that diet and exercise  are the primary pillars of a healthy lifestyle plan. . Eating regularly throughout the day maintains proper blood sugar and energy levels, while regular exercise consistently burns consumed calories. Proper timing of nutrition and activity helps lay the foundation for optimizing physical results.  Comment by a UWG Student:   I recommend this article because it offers another way of maintaining healthy blood sugar through proper nutrition and exercise. 


Xaymara Gonzalez Adams and Jen Hartman.  (n.d).  When and What Should I Eat Before a Workout?  --This is a healthy living blog produced by the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.  


Food as Fuel Before, During and After Workouts.  COMMENT FROM A UWG STUDENT:  This site provides solid tips on how food can improve workouts and results.   


Madoro, Carrie (2019).  36 Recipes to Eat After a Workout.  --This article appears on the Taste of Home website.  The author is a registered nurse. 


Mayo Clinic. (2019)  Eating and Exercise:  5 Tips to Maximize Your Workout.  Practical Advice in an easy to read format.  


IMAGE CREDIT:  Roman Matovsky.  Free to Use CCO.