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Food and Nutrition

Balanced Diets

  • The Basics of Heart-Healthy Eating. (2002). Heart-Healthy Eating Guide for Women, 5  Access requires UWG NetID.  Comment by a UWG Student:  The authors discuss the importance of eating a well-balanced meal to prevent imbalances in the body that can cause cardiovascular disease. They focus on fat, sodium and cholesterol.  They offer great healthy alternatives such as antioxidants, b vitamins, omega 3, dietary fibers and serving size.  This is a short article in HTML format. 

  • Better Health Channel. (2021).  Healthy Cooking Tips.  Comment by a UWG Student.  This piece produced in Canada, gives advice for turning favorite meals into healthy meals.  

  • Eating healthy. (2005). Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody, 222–231 This is more a piece on healthy eating than on diet.   Access requires UWG Net ID.  Comment by a UWG Student:  Focus is on three distinct concepts that underlie a healthy diet:  variety, balance, and moderation.  The material also covers 40 nutritional elements that a body requires to function properly.  

  • Gregson, S. R. (2000). Chapter #7: How to Make Healthy Eating Part of Your Lifestyle. Healthy Eating, 46.  Access requires UWG Net ID.  Comment by a UWG Student: This is a stand-alone PDF to a chapter from a longer book. The focus of this this piece is setting priorities, making decisions and choosing nutritious foods. The author also goes over the importance of reading food labels when making healthy eating choices.

  • Jayawardena, R., & Misra, A. (2020). Balanced diet is a major casualty in COVID-19Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome14(5), 1085–1086.  Access requires UWG Net ID.  Comment by a UWG Student:  The author of this article speaks about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during the Pandemic. The analysis also involves the evaluation of global problems as they pertain to people gaining nutrients. 

  • National Academies of Sciences, E. and M., Health and Medicine Division, Food and Nutrition Board, Food Forum, & Leslie Pray. (2019). Sustainable Diets, Food, and Nutrition : Proceedings of a Workshop. National Academies Press.  Access requires UWG NetID.  Comment by a UWG Student:  In August 1&2, 2018 The National Academies of sciences, engineering and medicine conducted a workshop in Washington D.C pertaining to nutrition and diets. This book publishes the results of the workshop.


VINTAGE GRAPHIC CREDIT:  1943...basic 7 every day! -- James Vaughan 2/22/2013, Creative Commons Licensed Note, modern recommendations often will not include separate categories for some of the foods depicted on the chart -- like butter!



  • Edumed (2020).  "Student's Guide to Eating Healthy in College".  Comment from a UWG Student:  In college students find themselves responsible for their well-being, which involves cooking.  The site includes practical advices for everything from food hacks in dorm rooms to expert advice.  


  • American College Health Association. (n.d.).  "Nutrition."  A site with links to a variety of materials on college students and nutrition--from eating disorders to healthy diets.