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Food and Nutrition

Internet Resources on Food and Nutrition

American Institute for Cancer Research.  COMMENT BY A UWG STUDENT -- This organization promotes research related to cancer prevention through nutrition and lifestyle.  USDA Food Security Graphic

American Public Health Association.  COMMENT BY A UWG STUDENT -- Provides many links and publications for general health including nutrition.  

Dietary Guidelines for Americans  COMMENT BY A UWG STUDENT -- Provides advice for organizations and individuals concerning healthy diet.  It also provides ideas concerning healthy foods and beverages.  This is a US Government website.  

Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain on Food.  COMMENT BY A UWG STUDENT -- A website from Harvard University that explains how food can affect sleep and the general workings of the body.  

USDA Economic Research Service.  "Food Security in the US".  Provides links to reports with statistics and graphics related to access to food and US households.