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Food and Nutrition

Articles on Health and Nutrition Recommended by UWG Students

  • Cai, Hannah C.;Dwyer, Johanna T. “Can You Trust Dr Google for Health and Nutrition?” Nutrition Today, vol. 56, no. 5, Published for the Florida Citrus Commission by C.F. Enloe], doi:10.1097/NT.0000000000000504.  ONLINE RESOURCE: UWG Net ID Required for Access.



  • Marangoni, F., Martini, D., Scaglioni, S., Sculati, M., Donini, L. M., Leonardi, F., Agostoni, C., Castelnuovo, G., Ferrara, N., Ghiselli, A., Giampietro, M., Maffeis, C., Porrini, M., Barbi, B., & Poli, A. (2019). Snacking in nutrition and health. International Journal of Food Sciences & Nutrition, 70(8), 909–923.   ONLINE RESOURCE: UWG Net ID Required for Access  Comment from a UWG Student: This is an academic journal article in which the authors focus on the health benefits of eating small meals/snacks more often as opposed to sticking to three large meals.  


Image Credit:  Marco Verch Professional Photographer CC BY 2.0