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Library DIY

Navigating UWG library resources and research

Finding e-books

Follow the steps below to find and access e-books.

Accessing the catalog

The first step to finding e-books is accessing the catalog. There are two ways to to this from the Library homepage:

  1. Click on the "Books" tab above the search box on the right of the screen. The default search will search only for items in the UWG Library. To search for items from all USG Libraries, use the drop down menu to select "USG Universal Catalog." Click on the magnifying class to search results.

        Screenshot of the search box on the library homepage showing steps on how to access the catalog.    

  2. From the gray horizontal menu click "Research Tools" and then "Catalog." The default search will search only for items in the UWG Library. To search for items from all USG Libraries, click on "Advanced Search" (to the right of the search box). At the top of the new search box, change the "Search Scope" from "University of West Georgia" to "University System of Georgia" by using the drop-down menu.

Starting a catalog search

In the UWG catalog, it usually works best to begin with a simple search. You can then narrow your search from the results page.
(Click the Sign-in for More Options tab to access an online book, or to request an item that is located at another USG Library.)


Enter 1-3 keywords that describe your topic. (You can also use the Advanced search for more search options.)

Examples: bilingual education; gothic architecture; greek utopias; cochlear implants.

Limit search to e-books

There are two steps to limiting the results to e-books:

  1. Limit results to electronic sources: In the limiter options (on the left if in full-screen mode on a computer, or under "Tweak My Results" on smaller screens), find the "Availability" heading and select "Full Access Online."
  2. Limit results to books: In the limiter option, find the "Format" heading and select "Books."

Accessing e-books

When you find an e-book you want, click "Online access" to see the access options.

If UWG Library...

  • does not provide access to the e-book and does not have a print version of the book, the Library may be able to get a print version through Resource Sharing.
  • has only the electronic version of book and you want the print version, you can also request the print through Resource Sharing.