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Career Readiness Through Experiential Learning

Discover library resources to help you prepare for your career and develop important job skills.

How does a job at the library increase your career readiness?

Ingram Library at the University of West Georgia provides many employment and training opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students.  Depending on their role, students are invited to engage in various aspects of librarianship, collection management, marketing, customer service, special collections work, and research. Library student employment develops the following NACE career readiness competencies:

  • Communication.  Students learn how to communicate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and other members of campus and the community.  They can develop active listening and public speaking skills and learn how to frame information for a variety of contexts.
  • Professionalism.  Students learn how to present themselves in a friendly and professional workplace, developing their own personal brands in alignment with UWG and personal values.  They practice prioritizing, planning, and meeting their own goals as well as the libraries.
  • Teamwork.  Students practice working within the team of their library department within the department as a whole.  Many library initiatives and goals may require contributions from everyone as we strive to present a pleasant, vibrant place to study, research, and work.  All workers are encouraged to collaborate and develop strong relationships with their team.
  • Technology.  Many of the library resources and services are available electronically.  Students are trained in widely recognized and adopted technologies and skills that can contribute to their scholastic and professional growth.  Students are encouraged to practice and develop their expertise in the library technologies from behind-the-scenes programs like the image and collection management software to front-facing programs like marketing and website development.

Learn more about on-campus jobs through Student Services.  Discover and apply for student employment positions at UWG and the library through:

  • UWG Human Resources Site
    • Click View All Jobs
    • Search Library
    • Limit results to Student Assistant, Work Study, and/or Graduate Assistant


Search library in job postings on the Human Resources page to find a listing of open library positions.