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Career Readiness Through Experiential Learning

Discover library resources to help you prepare for your career and develop important job skills.

Explore Professional Tools

Ingram Library provides access to many of the same information tools and databases that professionals in a wide variety of fields are expected to know.  Learning about these tools and how to utilize them to improve your work and organization can be a valuable skill for most job searchers. 

Explore business tools like:

Ingram Library ensures that campus has access to the latest research and news happening in each discipline.  We offer on-campus and off-campus access to many renowned databases used by scholars and professionals to share information.  Learn what the experts are discovering in your majors!

Discipline Specific Resources

Ingram Library has research guides for each college on campus.  These subject guides often include links to relevant professional societies, online reference and data banks, and databases and other information tools used by professionals in that field.  Explore the subject guide for your field.  Try a few of the databases.  What sorts of research and innovation are occurring?  Academic journals and trade publications are how professionals push their field forward and discuss common issues.  What are the major events or challenges affecting your field?

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