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A general guide for Education students


This is a guide for students in the College of Education to find some general resources and links to tutorials. Many departments and programs in the College of Education have specialized guides highlighting resources of particular use to students working in those areas. In addition to these departmental and programmatic guides, some classes have research guides to help students with specific assignments for those courses. Students are encouraged to use one of the guides linked below if appropriate.

Department and Program Guides:

Clinical and Professional Studies: Counselor Education and College Student Affairs

Clinical and Professional Studies: Speech-Language Pathology

Ed D in Nursing Education

Ed D in School Improvement

Ed D in Higher Education Administration


Course Guides:

Legal Issues in Sports Management

Finding Articles in Education Databases

There are many places to find articles for Education-related research. We recommend starting the Education databases for most topics. Each database contains different materials so try several databases to get all the resources on your topic.  Depending on your topic, you may want to try databases in other fields, like sociology, business, computer science, or psychology.

Education Databases:

Library Science Databases (includes school media and information literacy topics)


Many of our subject databases have dissertations listed in them that are specific to that area of study.  We particularly recommend the following databases for full text education dissertations.  Others you may need to request by filling out the Dissertation form on ILLiad.  To find dissertations, go into our recommended databases that cover its discipline and do a search.  Then choose dissertations on the left side menu of the results page.  Your subject librarian can help you find dissertations on your topic, if needed.