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Georgia Political Papers and Oral History Program

The Georgia Political Papers and Oral History Program is comprised of over 3,000 linear feet of archival collections, along with an extensive number of oral history interviews, that document the unique political culture of the state of Georgia.

John Phillip Gingrey

John Phillip Gingrey was born in Augusta, Georgia on July 10, 1942. He graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 1969, and in 1974 opened a pro-life obstetrics-gynecology practice in Marietta. Gingrey served on the Marietta Board of Education from 1993-1997, and represented Marietta in the Georgia state senate as a Republican from 1999-2002. He was elected as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia's 11th District in 2002, and has won re-election twice. Gingrey has a reputation as one of the most conservative members of Congress.; Interviewed by Mel Steely on January 5, 2004 at the University of West Georgia.; The interview begins with a discussion on Gingrey's childhood in Augusta, Georgia. He talks about his parents and his education. He talks about his decision to go to medical school and how his involvement in politics came from his decision to join the school board. Gingrey talks about his participation in politics, including his time working for Perdue before Perdue was elected governor. The issues that he says stand out most from his time in Senate include the flag controversy and the event of a " special session," which only happens every ten years or so. In the second part of the interview, Dr. Steely lists a few key members of politics in DC and Gingrey gives his opinion on them, including DeLay and Pelosi. They also discuss a handful of key issues, including partial-birth abortion, NCLB, and the war on terror.