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Racial Justice

Resources in the Ingram Library and from the General Internet that provide information on Racial Justice with special attention to Racial Justice in Georgia, Race and Housing, Black Lives Matter, and Trauma related to Racial Injustice.

Authors of this Guide

This Research Guide was built by UWG students for students.  The contributors (whose names may be found in the contributor tab in menu button) were all members of the Fall 2020 course: "Information Literacy and Research."  The students in that class recommended books, internet resources, and articles.  In addition, the students broke into groups, each of which developed a particular topic of their own. 

The Theme

The central theme of "Racial Justice" was chosen because much of the national dialogue during 2020 revolved around issues connected to race. Protests and police shootings were not abstract, but happened close to home.  In fact, the photo on this page was taken by a member of the class and features a spray-painted street sign that was visible in many of the televised broadcasts related to the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, where many students at UWG live.  

While the bulk of the resources  provided in this guide feature justice issues related to the black population, nonetheless, a small handful were selected to remind us that racism is not merely a United States problem and, further, that American residents of a wide variety of ethnicities suffer the effects of injustice.  In fact, one of the students noted, "While race in America is often times seen in terms of black or white, it is important to remember that many cultures make up what is the “melting-pot” that formed us."  

In addition to resources in the Ingram Library, we also wish to call your attention to UWG's Center for Diversity and Inclusion, which provides a rich slate of programming each semester.  

Again, the student contributors to this Research Guide hope that you find the resources provided here to be helpful and wish you well with your own research and discoveries.  


Photo Credit:  Brandon Flanagan, "R.I.P Rayshard"  11/1/2020.  Permission granted by a CCBY NC SA 4.0 Creative Commons License.