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Latino Studies


This guide lists some of the resources you will use as you research Latinos in the United States. To do comprehensive research, you will need to use this guide in conjunction with subject-specific guides such as literature, economics, political science, etc.

When researching Latino/Latina/Latine Studies, make sure you make use of the * truncation symbol. By searching Latin* you will get information results that have the words Latina, Latinas, Latine, Latinos, Latino, Latinx and more. Also keep in mind that the official category according to the US Census is Hispanic and some databases use that term instead of Latin*. 

Several other libraries have specific pages dedicated to researching Latinos in the United States. A page you will most definitely want to visit is The University of Texas at Austin's Latin American Network Information Center. It has information about Latin America and the Caribbean organized by country and subject. Here is there guide on Hispanic/Latino peoples: .