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A research guide for Art-related topics.

Online Sources (Art Specific and General)

PRO TIP - Don't use only our online reference sources, scroll down and use the print as well!

Print Sources

Adams, L. (1999). Art across time. Boston: McGraw Hill.
[Ref Stacks N5300 .A3 1999]

Art history topics are covered as historical narrative in this resource.

Banham, J., & Shrimpton, L. (Eds.). (1997). Encyclopedia of interior design. London: Fitzroy Dearborn.
[Ref Stacks NK1165 .E48X 1997]

This two-volume encyclopedia contains entries on notable people and concepts relating to the field of interior design. Emphasis of coverage is given to 19th and 20th centuries.

Chilvers, I., & Osborne, H. (Eds.). (1988). The Oxford dictionary of art. New York: Oxford University Press.
[Ref Stacks N33 .O93 1988]

Contains numerous entries on people, places, and concepts within the realm of art.

Glaze, D., Mihajlovic, M., & Shrimpton, L. (Eds.). (1997). Dictionary of women artists. London: Fitzroy Dearborn.
[Ref Stacks N8354 .D53 1997]

This two-volume set contains, in addition to entries on individual artists, introductory surveys on women in the arts.

Riggs, T. (2002). St. James guide to Hispanic artists: Profiles of Latino and Latin American artists. Detroit, MI: St. James Press.
[Ref Stacks N6538.H58 S7 2002]

Contains entries (and some essays) on selected hispanic visual artists.

Roberts, H. E. (Ed.). (1998). Encyclopedia of comparative iconography: Themes depicted in works of art. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn.
[Ref Stacks N7560 .E53 1998]

Contains entries on themes as expressed through art, with entries such as caricature and dreams.

Turner, J. (Ed.). (1996). The dictionary of art. New York: Grove.
[Ref Stacks N31 .D5 1996]

This multi-volume set contains a vast array of entries relating to art. Now available as part of Oxford Art Online.

Turner, J. (Ed.). (2000). Encyclopedia of Latin American & Caribbean art. New York: Grove.
[Ref Stacks N6502 .E53 2000]

This single-volume encyclopedia contains entries covering all countries of the western hemisphere (except for Canada and the United States). The time period of coverage ranges from European colonization to the present.