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A guide to searching and accessing physics materials through Ingram Library

Physics Websites

General Reference

  • HyperPhysics Covers all aspects of physics, complete with definitions, formulas, diagrams, and examples.
  • NIST Physics Laboratory's Official Reference Data National Institute of Standards and Technology's official physical constants, including links to their publications and special archives.
  • American Institute of Physics Information and statistics on the history of physics as well as the current political, educational, and scientific state of the field.
  • Institute of Physics Teaching and learning resources, current events in physics and the activities of the organization.

Physics Help and Tutorials


  • ADS Abstract Service Hosted by Harvard/Smithsonian/NASA, gateway to the online Astronomy and Physics literature. Users can search the 5.6 million entries and browse the many full text journals.
  • Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia This frequently updated site catalogs all ongoing efforts to find extrasolar planets as well as the planets themselves.
  • The Astrochymist This independently maintained site contains the name, formula, original report and date of detection, and location for each chemical found in space.
  • Astrobiology Web Maintained by a private corporation, this site covers recent news, related websites, and official reports by NASA, NIH, and other authoritative sources. Coverage beyond the search for life includes astrochemistry, astrophysics, and the effect space has had on life on Earth.
  • NASA The official site of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration features age specific resources including text, images, video, and various multimedia applications. The site also covers the most recent news and developments in the field.
  • NASA Images A new online archive of hundreds of thousands of NASA images.
  • HubbleSite The Space Telescope Science Institute maintains this site which covers the lastest news and discoveries from the Hubble Telescope as well as galleries of it's previous pictures.

Other Physics Subtopics

  • The Elegant Universe PBS and NOVA present The Elegant Universe, a three hour streaming program and accompanying website explaining string theory to the masses.
  • The Particle Adventure The National Science Foundation funds this excellent site concerning particle physics.
  • Molecular Expressions Florida State University site includes searchable galleries, reports, simulations, and articles on microscopy and optics.
  • How Stuff Works Science of how many common technologies work.
  • Atmospheric Optics Science behind many unusual atmospheric phenomenon.

Open Access Scholarly Articles

  • Funded by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation, the archive facilitates access to over 400,000 physics e-prints, pre-prints, and manuscripts.
  • PHYSnet PHYSnet, the network of Physics Departments and Documents, offers this online directory of open access physics related journals.
  • Historical Scans Currently in the Astrophysics Data System NASA, the Smithsonian Institute, and Harvard University cooperated to create this web archive of historically significant physics papers.

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