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Spanish Language and Literature

Finding articles

When researching Spanish language or literature, you will want to consult the databases listed below. Some of these are in English and others are in Spanish.

Handbook of Latin American Studies

  • Available for free online (no login necessary)
  • Publication produced by the Library of Congress; entries written by experts in the field
  • Annotated bibliography of key books and articles published on specific topics
  • Not comprehensive
  • Coverage is 1935-present
  • Does not have "Find it @ UWG" button so you have to manually look up journals in the UWG Journal Finder and books in the UWG Catalog to see if UWG has them.





  • Available for free (no login necessary)
  • In Spanish
  • Produced by the Universidad de la Rioja, Spain
  • Limited search options: only author or words in the title
  • Use very broad search terms in order to get results
  • Many results will be full-text