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This is a guide about the online information literacy course, LibraryDen, created by Anne Barnhart and Ingram Library

LibraryDen Overview

LibraryDen is an online information literacy series of tutorials developed by Ingram Library. This guide has additional information about LibraryDen including its history and learning outcomes. There is also specific information for the following groups:


LibraryDen's content is organized into 8 modules plus a pre-test and a post-test. Below is a summary of the content for each module. There are self-assessments for each topic and module-level quizzes. 

LibraryDen Module Content (as of Fall 2023; subject to slight reorganization for clarity for Spring 2024)
Module 1: Starting Research

  • Understanding my assignment
  • Learning about a topic (presearch)
  • From topic to research question
  • What types of sources do I need
  • Using databases from off campus

Module 2: Good Sources for my Research

  • Which items are relevant for my topic
  • What does "peer reviewed" mean?
  • Identifying peer-reviewed articles
  • What is "The Information Cycle"?
  • Is this book "scholarly"?
  • Is this work significant in my field?
  • Who has cited a work?

Module 3: Articles

  • Explaining some commonly used research terms (article, journal, volume, database, etc)
  • Where to search for articles
  • Developing keywords for searching
  • How to search
  • Found too little or too much (expanding or narrowing a search)
  • Getting access to the full text

Module 4: Books

  • Searching for print books and e-books
  • Borrowing a book from other libraries
  • Checking out and renewing library materials
  • Looking for a textbook for a class
  • Accessing materials on course reserves

Module 5: Looking for a Specific Item

  • Looking for a specific article
  • Looking for a journal
  • I have a citation but I don't know what it cites

Module 6: Find Other Types of Sources for My Research

  • Looking for newspaper articles
  • Looking for a video
  • Primary sources
  • Statistics or data
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Maps
  • Images

Module 7: Citing and Using Sources

  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Quoting and paraphrasing
  • Citing sources
  • Organizing or creating citations
    • Optional self-assessments practicing APA, MLA and Turabian citation formats (students are encouraged to do at least one based on their course or field of study)

Module 8: Access, Login, or Printing Issues; Getting Help

  • Do not pay for an article
  • Accessing resources as an online or distance learner
  • Library does not have the item I'm looking for
  • Book I want is checked out
  • Troubleshooting printing issues (help using UWG library printers)
  • Contacting a librarian