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German Language & Literature

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Articles & Databases

Online Literature & History Resources

EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History

Western European Studies Section (WESS Web): Essential online resources related to West European Studies

German Studies Web: Essential online resources related to German Studies. (Part of WESS Web)

Compact Memory: Retrospektive Digitalisierun jüdischer Periodika im deutschsprachigen Raum: 1806-1930 German-language Jewish newspapers and journals

Germanistik im Netz: searches various Germanics databases and catalogs.

Online Books & Literary Texts

The Sophie Project: A digital library of works by German-speaking women

Project Gutenberg (German): Digitized books in German that are in the public domain (pre 1923)

Austrian Books Online: Digitized holdings of the Austrian National Library

Austrian Literature Online: Digital books, mostly related to Austria


General Strategies

Creating a Search Strategy

Video tutorialsearch strategy worksheet (Hunter College)

Narrowing or Broadening a Search

Too many results? Ways to broaden a search include: 
  • Combine more search terms using AND. 
  • Use more narrow search terms.
  • Use relevant search limiters (e.g., specify publication date or type, limit search terms by search fields like 'title').
  • Do not use OR or NOT. 

Too few results? Ways to narrow a search include:

  • Use fewer search terms.
  • Use broader search terms.
  • Remove search limiters.
  • Combine relevant search terms using OR or NOT.

More search tips for broadening or narrowing a search.

Trouble finding sources on your topic?

This video may help you rethink your search.

Database Tip: Find It @ UWG

Sometimes you don't find the full-text of an article in a database. Here's how you get the actual article:

  1. If the database has the Find It @ UWG button click on that
  2. A window will open and show you if UWG has the journal online.
  3. Often you'll see multiple listings.
  4. Look for the one that includes the publication date of the article you are interested in and click GO
  5. If Find It does not identify a subscription to the journal, request the article through ILLiad.


If the database does not have the Find It button, then you need to check out this video, illustrating how to follow these steps:

  1. Make note of the JOURNAL title and issue the article was published in (Example American Quarterly volume 60, issue 3, 2008)
  2. On Library homepage click on Articles in the main big box
  3. Click Find a Journal
  4. Type American Quarterly in the box and click search
  5. Look at the Find It @ UWG results and see if your journal has full-text
  6. If multiple titles come up, click on the linked title for the one you want
  7. In the next window look for a result that includes the publication date for the article you want and click GO