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English Literature Resources

Emphasizing online resources, here is a collection of useful materials for those who are doing a project in American or English literature.

What are primary sources?

Primary sources are original documents or artifacts that originate from the time or event being researched. They include first-hand observations, contemporary accounts of events, viewpoints of the time. In the sciences primary sources also include reports and articles on the results of original research. This page focuses on primary sources for literature, film studies, and history.

Examples of Primary Sources

  • Newspaper accounts
  • Letters, Diaries, scrapbooks
  • Government documents (statistics, congressional transcripts, laws, etc.)
  • Personal accounts, autobiographies, memoirs
  • Images and museum artifacts
  • Speeches
  • Oral Histories
  • Data from scientific experiments

Other types of information may also be primary sources if they are analyzed for their historical or cultural significance. 



See the Newspapers guide for current and historical newspapers. Newspapers are excellent for reports on historical events and for book and film reviews.


18th & 19th Century Works