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Latin American Studies

Statistical Sources

CIA World Factbook

  • Basic country information like GDP, population, etc.


  • This is a direct link to basic data from the 2000 Mexican census
  • You need to figure out a bit of Spanish terms to use it
  • Contains Statistical Information
  • Datasets and other Latin American development information free for scholarly and educational purposes
  • Guide to finding elections information
  • Public opinion research center from Vanderbilt University
  • Most information on this site costs money but there are some free documents
  • A wide range of information on the countries of the world, including official national and regional government resources, maps and statistics

Observatory on Inequality in Latin America "The goal of this project is to foster attention and research on social and economic inequalities in Latin America, and their effects on society and politics."

  • Indicators from 20 countries covering 1900-2000
Pew Hispanic Center: comprehensive information on the US Hispanic population, including recent immigration trends and public opinion about immigration.
  • Provides reference materials, primary documents, comparative studies and statistical data for countries in the Western Hemisphere
  • Free database of stats from the United Nations

Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA)

Facts and Statistics by Country

From official government websites, in Spanish (Portuguese for Brazil)