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A general guide for Education students

Special Education Resources

Special Education research crosses a number of disciplines such as education, medicine, psychology, sociology, and even business.    If someone needs medicine articles, they may not be interested in chemistry or biology sources.  So each of the library databases focuses on a specific area of interest.  For the best results, choose a database that would best cover your topic.  A full list of our databases is sorted by topic on the Databases and Galileo page.

Ask yourself, Where on campus would I go to learn about this topic? 

Recommended Education Resources

Education databases cover most topics that focus on the classroom and school experience.  Examples:

  • What teaching method is best for teaching dyslexic students to read?
  • Should special education students be integrated in the traditional classrooms?  How much?
  • How can a teacher engage with an autistic child during small group instruction?
  • How can disabled children be included in recess and other physical activities?

Recommended Psychology Resources

Psychology databases cover most topics that focus on mental health issues, diagnoses, causes, and treatments.  It focuses on the well being of the subjects rather than their practices within the classroom. Examples:

  • What are the warning signs of schizophrenia in college students?
  • How do interpersonal relationships affect depression in teenagers?
  • What are effective ways of comforting bullying victims targeted due to physical disabilities?

Recommended Sociology Databases

Sociology databases covers the social life and issues that may affect your students at home and in school.  Examples include:

  • What is the relationship between preschool graphomotor skills and their environment?
  • What kinds of familial support means best academic achievement for autistic children?
  • What are effective school based community mental health interventions for families with substance abuse problems?

Recommended Business Databases

Business databases cover the financial cost and programs for special needs students and supporting staff.  They can also include articles on things like grant funding, personnel issues like burnout and recruitment, and tuition costs. Examples include:

  • What is the impact of charter schools on local public schools special education support and funding?
  • Which e-learning systems are cost effective for supporting special needs students?
  • How can career readiness programs in High School best prepare special needs students for transition to business?