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Research sources for Math students and faculty at UWG Ingram Library

Mathematics Websites

General Reference

  • Mathematics Associations a comprehensive list of math and math related associations from around the globe
  • Wolfram Alpha "Answer Engine" capable of calculating formulas, variables, and advanced math problems, built on Mathematica
  • Wolfram Alpha Mathworld examples, theories, and algorythms built into the Wolfram Alpha search
  • ProofWiki A wiki with over 4500 mathmatics proofs
  • Online Encylopedia of Integer Sequence Input integers to find the name of that sequence, and papers that use it
  • History Of Mathematics In-depth history indexed by person, time, place, and more
  • Women Mathematicians a list compiled by Agnes Scott University
  • Funded by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation, the archive facilitates access to over 400,000 e-prints, pre-prints, and manuscripts.

Mathematics Help and Tutorials

  • MathTV Short video tutorials and examples for algebra through calculus
  • PatrickJMT Video tutorials and examples
  • Khan Academy Scroll down for helpful video tutorials in all areas of math (algebra to calculus and beyond).
  • PurpleMath Text Based tutorials and examples for algebra topics

Mathematics Education (for STEM Majors)

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