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De-Stress with a Therapy Dog!

During Finals Semester, UWG Library plans to bring a therapy dog to the library to help students relax and de-stress. The friendly pet will help students finish the semester and get through their final exams and projects!

Addressing Fears and Allergies

In order to address concerns of allergies and fears of dogs, we publish the time and location where the pet will be present in advance. Do not feel obligated to approach if you don't wish to! 

How to Greet a Dog

How to Greet a New Dog:


Ask for Permission!

In this case, you have permission to pet the therapy dog, but be sure to do so in other situations. Ask the dog for permission too-- wait for it to approach you. If it hangs back, respect it.

Where to Pet it!

The best places to pet a dog are its side. neck, back or chest. Ask the owner where it likes to be petted too! Go slow-- it's only starting to know you!

Wait your Turn!

The dog may be overjoyed by the attention it's getting-- but make sure you don't overwhelm it either! Give the dog some space if a lot of people are crowding around it. That way you can have your own time with it too!


They are also trained to work with children and are certified before they are allowed near you. Be sweet to them, because they're trained to be sweet to you!