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De-Stress with a Therapy Dog!

During Finals Semester, UWG Library plans to bring a therapy dog to the library to help students relax and de-stress. The friendly pet will help students finish the semester and get through their final exams and projects!

De-Stress with Therapy Dog!


Welcome to our De-stress with a Therapy Dog page! 

In order to help students relax, recover, and lose stress before finals, UWG Ingram Library invites a therapy dog or two to campus. As a UWG student, you are allowed to meet and destress with the trained pet, and take some time away from your projects, tests, and studies. Check out these pages for any questions you have, including policies, how we handle the concern of allergies and fears, learn about therapy dogs, and discover out other sources to destress before any test, presentation, project, or final.