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Racial Justice

Resources in the Ingram Library and from the General Internet that provide information on Racial Justice with special attention to Racial Justice in Georgia, Race and Housing, Black Lives Matter, and Trauma related to Racial Injustice.

Image Credit:  "Fair Housing Protest, Seattle Washington, 1964"  Seattle Municipal Archives.  Licensed via CC BY 2.0.  


Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress organization has a lot of data and explanation regarding structural racism and how it limits opportunityfor people of color. The organization’s page explains how the ability to rent affordable housing is crucial to wealth building as well as securing a stable financial well being.

Erase Racism

ERASE Racism is an organization that encourages “initiatives to promote racial equity in areas such as housing, public school education, and community development.” They work to provide research and education on issues such as “institutional and structural racism.” While originally based in Long Island, New York, and still mainly focused there, ERASE Racism is “expanding to encompass statewide and tri-state regional activities with related national work as needed.”

Housing Matters

Housing Matters believes that the quality of one’s housing has a “ripple effect” into many other areas of one’s life. Based on this belief, The Housing Matters website is dedicated to providing research, insights and information that proves “better outcomes are possible with better housing.”

National League of Cities

The National League of Cities has been around over 90 years. This organization is built bycommunity leaders who are dedicated to “improving the quality of life for their current and future constituents.” Through “dedication to the strength, health and advancement of local governments,” the National League of Cities is supported by more than 2,000 cities across the U.S. Their goal “is to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy and drive innovative solutions.”

National Low Income Housing Coalition

The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) participated in creating the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign. Founded in 1974, the NLIHC strives to protect government funded housing resources, grow the amount of low-income housing available and develop stability as a primary concern of the federal low-income housing policy. Through research, they provide to policy makers they hope to influence laws dealing with housing.

Opportunity Starts at Home

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign is to develop solutions across the nation that deal with housing issues. Specifically, this organization helps: 1. By helping renters balance their income with rising housing costs. 2. By helping people experiencing employment instability avoid homelessness. 3. By growing the number of housing options for “low-income renters.” 4. By protecting government budgets from cuts to vital housing resources.

The Urban Institute

This organization conducts research on injustice, with some focuses being specifically in housing. They provide studies and statistics in an effort to “expose housing discrimination” which disproportionately affects people of color. This organization also does research on many other topics surrounding discrimination of race and ethnicity.