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Racial Justice

Resources in the Ingram Library and from the General Internet that provide information on Racial Justice with special attention to Racial Justice in Georgia, Race and Housing, Black Lives Matter, and Trauma related to Racial Injustice.

Quote from UWG Student

 "I hadn’t heard about the “Black Lives Matter” movement until this past spring, while we were in lockdown for the COVID pandemic. To see that (one of these books) was published nearly 5 years ago was eye-opening to me. It shames me to think this has been ignored for so long. (These resources) could be helpful in opening up lines of discussion on the topic."

(Photo Credit:  "The Murder of George Floyd"  Created by Ted Eytan.  Licensed via CC BY-SA-2.0. ) Note, This photo shows part of a huge piece of street art that read "BLM".  



The article offers tips on how to support racial justice in the U.S. amidst the killing of African American George Floyd by the police.

Web Resources

This is the main site of the Black Lives Matter organization that was formed in 2013 after the grassroots BLM protests starting taking off.  

Goes into detail about the Black Lives Matter protests that m=have been happening around the world and explains how it might be the biggest and most important thing America has ever done for society.

Describes how we went from a trending hashtag on social media to coming together as one to stop this madness.

Explains how the black lives matter movement could've been just a trend or maybe it's because of the fact that racism is finally starting to subside a little bit.

Gives us links to different stories and articles to give us all the details and what we need to know about the black lives matter movement. 

Tells us how the movements truly affected and impacted our country.