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Racial Justice

Resources in the Ingram Library and from the General Internet that provide information on Racial Justice with special attention to Racial Justice in Georgia, Race and Housing, Black Lives Matter, and Trauma related to Racial Injustice.

The Ingram Library Databases include tens of thousands of full-text articles on racial justice, discrimination, and related subjects.  Below are a few that are recommended by students at UWG.  

The historical episode unpacked in this this article sheds light on the issues of black violence, police brutality, and several other racist issues going on in the world today.

Tackles modern day issues such as the pandemic and explains how we do not need to have racism during this time of stress and burden for our country because it will only make things worse.

A study on racial justice and what white people need to do to acknowledge and understand racial justice issues, 

The article focuses on the history of racial injustice in North America.

In this article in the journal Critical Ethnic Studies, authors Patel and Price argue for the importance of "naming" the sources of injustice so as to create realities past the unjust acts. This article does the important work of assessing the actual tools and resources available to combat injustice.

Medina analyzes the American ideologies of racial ignorance and the harmful effects of the black/white binary. He argues that our color blindness is a result of meta-ignorance that reveals itself in numbness to racial injustices.

Students a rural southern high school deal with the organized academic racial inequality.Racial inequality in academics is one of the most damaging, continuing a vicious cycle that teaches young people of color that the odds of success are against them.

This article lays out the groundwork for discussion on how zero tolerance policies are detrimental in schools and society to minority populations

In this 2020 article the authors explore the impact of racial microaggressions and their effects on African American's overall happiness, as well as job satisfaction. These findings show that even seemingly harmless words carry a much deeper weight.