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Wall Street Journal (WSJ): Creating an Account

How to create your UWG sponsored account for the Wall Street Journal

Step-by-step: Creating your WSJ Account

Go to: (You will be directed to login with your UWG ID/Password)


Enter your UWG ID <click Continue> then your UWG Password <Continue>


(NOTE: You may be prompted for dual authentication)



On the following screen:

1. Click on "Account Type" and choose an option (Student, Staff, or Professor)

2. Create a Password you wish to use for your Wall Street Journal subscription

(this is a separate password from your UWG password)

3. Click where it says "I agree to the Privacy Notice, Subscriber Agreement, Cookie Notice" 

4. Click "CREATE" button 



There will be a page confirming your creation of a Wall Street Journal account and saying that you will be sent a confirmation email. Click on this page to continue to your WSJ account.