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Commentarii a Philippo Beroaldo conditi in asinu aureu lucij apuleij

Beroaldo, F., & Apuleius. (1501). Commentarii a Philippo Beroaldo conditi in asinu aureu lucij apuleij. (Second ed.). Venetiis : Per Simonem Papiensem dictum Bivilaquam.

The sole ancient Roman novel written in Latin to come to us completely intact, with scholarly commentary from one of the great Italian humanists. This is the uncommon second edition, following the first of the previous year printed by Hectoris at Bologna. Bevilaqua printed the "Golden Ass," Apuleius's story of magical and erotic shenanigans starring a protagonist enchanted into the form of a donkey, with Beroaldo's substantial remarks surrounding each page of text. The whole is printed in various point sizes of roman type, with numerous interesting woodcut initials and a few phrases in Greek. The commentary is printed surrounding the text on each page and the type is decorated in red throughout the volume. Beroaldo's letter addressed to archbishop Maximus Antistius begins on page [2], printed within a handsome woodcut border, and his preface to the commentary and his life of Apuleius follow. Bivalaqua's device on last page under the colophon.