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Guidelines for Library Displays

Guidelines for creating displays in Ingram Library


Purposes of library displays:

  • Celebrate different student groups on campus
  • Showcase events and activities
  • Highlight library resources that provide additional information about the student groups, their events, and activities
  • Connect library users to the library, campus, and the community
  • Educate library users


Display requests will be considered on the following:

  • Preference will be given to library-related displays and themes
  • Preference will be given to displays that enhance the campus environment for diverse populations
  • Preference will be given to displays for designated heritage months
  • Preference will be given to displays that promote campus events and activities
  • Preference will be given to display requests that include physical and digital components



  • Display materials must be presented to the Outreach & Assessment department 4 weeks prior to the proposed installation date
  • Displays will be up 3-6 weeks (agreed upon at the initial display request)


General recommendations:

  • The display case is to showcase materials and objects that you want all viewers to see
  • The towers next to the case are for recommending books and DVDs that viewers might want to check out to learn more
  • Use language that elevates the group or event being represented without being demeaning to other groups, events, individuals, or institutions
  • Promote civil, respectful discourse
  • If you want to include graphic content, use QR codes to link the viewer to another site with the images. Include trigger warnings so the viewer can make an informed decision before viewing the images
  • Include a sign letting viewers know how to tag your display in social media. Include #uwglibrary as one of the tags
  • Include the name of the group that created the display on signage
  • Materials not allowed in the display include, but are not limited to: graphic content; electronics; food; living beings (plants or animals); marketing materials selling items or access to off-campus events


 Recommendations for inside the display case:

  • Objects that represent the student group
  • Images from Ingram Library collections (print or digital)
  • Recommendations for library databases to find more information


Recommendations for designing the inside of the display case:

  • Make it eye-catching (be mindful of colors, font-size, and creating enough contrast so that it’s easily readable)
  • Use book holders to open a book to a specific page
  • Use large fonts to attract attention


Recommendations for the “towers” next to the display case:

  • Select books and DVDs that offer the viewer more information about the topic of the display
  • If there are materials you want the library to purchase to support the display, these requests must be submitted 4 weeks before the proposed installation date. Purchase requests are subject to review; not all requested items will be purchased
  • Create signage to place on top of the towers to attract viewers to the display
  • Have a list of additional materials to replace items that viewers check out


Recommendations for digital display components:

  • Select e-resources that offer additional information about your topic
  • Use minimal text so viewers can absorb the information quickly in a timed slideshow


Associated costs:

  • Student groups are expected to provide their own objects to put inside the display case
  • Ingram Library Outreach & Assessment will assist with printing (black & white or color) for objects that are going to be included inside the display case as well as signage to put on top of the towers
  • Ingram Library Outreach & Assessment will provide navy or black felt material for the bottom of the display case; other colors might be available but are not guaranteed


Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Ingram Library is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of personal items used in the display.
  • Ingram Library reserves the right to remove content from the display without consulting the group that created it. Removed items that are not library materials will be returned to the group.
  • Groups must remove their items at the close of their designated display period. Items left will be stored for no longer than 1 month. Items left longer than 1 month may be discarded.


To get started on having a display please email


These guidelines were written and approved in July 2021.