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HIS 6203: American Folklife

Special Collections

Ingram LIbrary's Special Collections has a rich variety of primary sources that you can make use of. Find more info about Special Collections here: 

Special Collections at UWG

Primary Resource Databases and Websites

A primary source is a document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study. These sources were present during an experience or time period and offer an inside view of a particular event. Some types of primary sources include:

  • ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS (excerpts or translations acceptable): Diaries, speeches, manuscripts, letters, interviews, news film footage, autobiographies, official records 
  • CREATIVE WORKS: Poetry, drama, novels, music, art 
  • RELICS OR ARTIFACTS: Pottery, furniture, clothing, buildings

--From Princeton's website "What is a Primary Source?"

Newspaper Databases (GA, National, International)

Primary Sources--Georgia

Where else can I go to find primary sources?

This libguide has a number of primary source collections that you can search through, but you might be examining a place/time/culture outside of what is included in that list. 

A few places to check: 

  • Is there a historical society or a history center related to the area you are researching? Ex: Atlanta History Center, East Tennessee Historical Society
  • Can you find online collections (usually of digitized photos or maps) or an online catalog of physical collections? 
  • Are you willing to travel? Most of these places are open to the public, and have resources that can be vital to your work. 

Finding Magazines

Older magazines are great primary sources but finding them can be tricky. You might have to use both PRINT and ONLINE indexes to be successful.

In PRINT we have Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature.

  • Reference/Periodicals Area on the Ground floor: AI3 .R48
  • We have 1900 -
  • You need to look up year-by-year (yes, this is tedious)
  • THEN check the library catalog to see if we have the magazine in print for those dates
  • This is where you'll find when Time, Newsweek, Life, Ladies Home Journal published about a specific topic

The following online indexes and databases are linked from here:

American Periodicals

  • Contains articles published 1740-1900
  • Defaults to full text search but you might want to change it to "citation and abstract"

Periodicals Archives Online

  • Contains articles from the 17th century - 2000
  • Includes both academic and popular sources
  • You can only search the article title or journal title -- no full text searching!
  • A search for midwive* or midwife* yields 100 results, 19 of which are from before 1950