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ENGL 1102 (Shellnut, Spring 2018)

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Archaeological Paper & Sources

As explained in your Essay II assignment sheet, in your "archaeological paper" you will "excavate through research, something resembling material evidence." This evidence will be a primary source that helps you to analyze "not only how Chandler or Hammett (for example) is mirroring history, but how he is using it for a particular ideological end." Examples of primary sources include newspaper reports, editorials by historical figures, photographs, paintings, and diaries.

You will also use secondary sources, such as scholarly articles, to support your thesis. 

This guide includes resources to help you identify relevant primary and secondary sources that will inform your writing. For more in-depth research help please see Wayne Booth's The Craft of Research (available as a Library e-book and in print).

Primary Source Materials

Primary sources offer first-hand evidence for an area of study. Examples of primary sources for historical and literary research primary sources include: newspapers, diaries, photographs, films, literary texts, paintings, and artifacts.

The resources below provide access to a range of primary source materials.

NOTE: This list is NOT comprehensive. You may also wish to use other library databases and search engines like Google for more in-depth research.