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CJ Instruction Guide Template

Research Guidance for Activist Presentation

This guide will help you locate and evaluate sources for your presentation on your assigned activist. We will complete the activities on this page together during the Library session. The other pages are for your reference.

Feel free to contact me, CJ, with any questions. Happy researching!

Activity 2: Find a book

Search the UWG Library catalog and locate at least one book relevant to your project. Explain how you determined that the book is relevant. (For example, what clues or qualities did you look at?)

Activity 3: Find an article.

Search in the Library's Multisearch (aka GALILEO Discover) for a source relevant for your research topic. Use keywords and any other helpful search strategies. Locate at least one relevant source. How do you know that it is relevant? (Note specific clues or qualities.)

Activity 4: Locating additional parts of the "conversation."

Reflect on how you can use your selected source to locate additional sources. What elements of the citation or the full text can help you find more sources?

(After class discussion you will test your strategy.)