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Library Orientation for Education Students


Welcome to UWG and Ingram Library! 

This guide will give you information about what resources the library provides to you as well as an introduction to some basic research skills. 

This page will give you a quick overview of the content of the guide. 

  • The Distance Learning Library Services tab will give you detailed information about how to request books and articles if you are a distance student. You'll also find information here about how to use other libraries to support your research. This will be especially useful for students solely located at our Newnan campus
  • The Research Tips and Tricks tab will cover a few basics of searching and researching (doing a 'background search' on your topic, keyword searching, and information evaluation.) 
  • The Education databases tab lists the most commonly used databases for education research. These databases contain scholarly research articles, white papers, governmental education policy information, and education magazine articles (and more!)


Getting research help

Research is a tricky and messy process. It is completely normal to get stuck, frustrated, and confused. Because of this, Ingram Library has many ways that you can get research help when you need it. Don't hesitate to ask for help--that is why we are here! 

If you have a straightforward question about the library (hours, status of your checked out materials, your library account or PIN number, how to use GIL Express, etc) you can call the circulation desk: 678-839-6502. 

24/7 chat reference service can help with general library 'business' and basic research questions (Does the library have this book? What database should I use for this topic? How can I find information about how to cite this resources? Can you help me find a scholarly source for this paper?). Access chat reference from the box below, or using the widget on the main library homepage:

Contact a librarian for more in-depth research questions:

  • If you are on campus visit our librarian research office hours (Monday-Thursday 11:30-4:30) with no appointment. We also have student research assistants that can help with very basic questions. 
  • If you are a fully distance student, schedule a research consultation online, over the phone, or in person here: Schedule a Research Consultation
  • Our research librarians have been trained to specialize in specific subjects and disciplines. You can contact your subject librarian directly once you've declared a major. You can find a list of our subject librarians and their contact information here: Subject Librarians.

Chat Reference