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ENGL 1101 - McKee

ENGL 1101 Research Guide (McKee)

This guide includes links to newspaper resources and guidance for completing your STEAM ENGL 1101 Newspaper Reading Journal.  

General Instructions:

Reading Journal for Newspaper Articles & Presentation (Part B):  In addition to assigned journal entries (as noted above) for, to deepen your daily reading skills while broadening your knowledge of current issues, especially in STEM fields, most Mondays, a newspaper reading journal entry is due for 1-2 articles from the (in other words, you’ll write one entry for each article). Your final essay (30% of overall grade) will build directly from this semester-long newspaper reading practice and accumulated journal entries. So, it’s important to take this work seriously each week.

  •  ONE of these two articles must be from the followings sections of the newspaper (Tech, Science, Health).
  •  Your second entry (if one is due; see Course Schedule each week) may be from any section of the newspaper. Please avoid Sports and Entertainment articles, however. 
  • Generally, articles should be from the previous 7 days (I.e. for a Monday, Aug. 29 due date, the articles you respond to need to have been published/posted between Aug. 22-28.)
  • For each entry, follow the reading journal guidelines (one paragraph summary and one paragraph analytic response for each article; see below)
  • Post your entries to the relevant weekly dropbox; PLEASE PROOFREAD FOR GRAMMAR & SPELLING BEFORE SUBMITTING
  • These are informal assignments. Though you should always aim to carefully practice the writing skills we cover in class, I also want you to use these entries as a place to explore new ideas and topics, even if the ideas get a bit messy. Explore! Be curious!! Ask questions! Consider the possbilities. 

What to write for your entry?

You have a lot of autonony here, both in choosing which articles you write on AND what you choose to write about. Let your personal intellectual interests guide you! 

Each reading journal entry should include a minimum of two well-developed paragraphs (for each article) to include: 

1) 1 paragraph of summary (neutral overview of the writer’s central argument and supporting points in your own words) 

2) 1 paragraph of reader response and critical engagement with the ideas, issues, arguments presented in the article. 

3) If you want to write more than 2 paragraphs, GO FOR IT!


Newspapers (U.S. + world, contemporary)