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An introduction to using CAS's SciFinder database.

Problems Connecting?

There are two common reasons why you may not be able to connect to SciFinder.

Login Failed: Your allocated system resources are currently unavailable to access SciFinder. Please try again later. This message means that three people--our campus maximum--are currently logged in to SciFinder. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Login Failed: Not Authorized from this IP address. Your computer's IP address was not authenticated as a UWG address. You must connect from a campus computer or via UWG Wireless to access SciFinder.

If you still have problems connecting, please contact me.

SciFinder E-Learning

The new CAS Learning Solutions resource center provides access to a variety of SciFinder tutorials and guides. Sign up for instructor-led training or weekly practice sessions.

Cited vs. Citing References

In SciFinder you will have the option to select Get Cited or Get Citing references. What's the difference?

Cited references are sources referenced by a paper. Refer to these sources for background information on an article's methods or research.

Citing references are sources that reference a paper--in other words, their authors used the paper for their research. These sources can show how an idea or topic has developed over time.

Review Papers

Don't neglect reviews (also called review papers or review articles) when searching in SciFinder!

Review papers are syntheses of primary sources within a given topic and often contain extensive bibliographies. They are an excellent place to start if you are new to the field.