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HIST 2111 (Egas)

Academic Search Complete

You will need to find outside resources for your paper. Academic Search Complete contains full-text access to magazines, newspapers, and scholarly articles and may be a good place for you to start! 

Academic Search Complete is a multi-disciplinary database which means:

1. Because it is "multi-disciplinary" that means it covers a bunch of different subjects! Psychology, history, english, political science, you name it!

2. As a database, that means it is a searchable collection of materials--scholarly articles, magazines, newspapers, book chapters, and even images.

You can use the link below to search ASC directly, or you can access Academic Search Complete from the library website:

Library Homepage (>GALILEO and Databases-->Databases A-Z-->"A"-->Academic Search Complete

Remember, if you are off-campus, you will need the GALILEO Password. You can find this password in CourseDen

Also note that there are quite a few cool things you can do in Academic Search Complete.

1. You can email an article to yourself by pressing the little envelope icon to the right once you've found and clicked on an article you like.

2. You can also cite an article by clicking on the "cite" button to the right once you've found and clicked on an article you like.

Check out the video below for tips about how to search in Academic Search Complete. It is not from UWG, but the information about Academic Search Complete is the same.

ASC Quick Search

Searching Academic Search Complete

This video is not from UWG, but the tips and tricks contained within about how to search Academic Search Complete (and, really, most all of the databases owned by EBSCOhost) is the same for us.

We also have a "Find it at UWG" button for items that come up when you search in Academic Search Complete but are not actually in that particular database. When you click "Find it at UWG", the system will do a search to see if that article is available in one of our over 250 other databases.

History Databases

You might also consider looking at a subject-specific (as opposed to Academic Search Complete, which has information from all kinds of subjects) database for history. These are not the only history databases we have access to, but they might be a useful place to start. 

You'll notice that these look a lot like Academic Search Complete (ASC). That's because they are owned by the same company, Ebscohost. Note: Ebscohost is NOT the name of the database, it is just the name of the company that owns the database. 

This means that if you have a good handle on ASC, you'll have a good handle on America: History and Life too! Happy searching!