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BIOL 4441/5441: Animal Behavior (Garner)

Resources for Dr. Garner's Animal Behavior class.

Citing Your Literature

Please list only published, cited works in the References section of your paper. Do not use footnotes. See examples below:

Journal Article:
Galen, C., J.A. Shykoff and R.C. Plowright. 1986. Consequences of stigma receptivity schedules for sexual selection in flowering plants. American Naturalist 127: 462-476.

Book chapter:
Voltzow, J and N. Fetcher. 1987. Coral reefs. In: Darwin, C. (Ed.) Evolution of the Invertebrates. Academic Press. New York. Pp. 14-27.

Bertness, M.D. 2007. Atlantic Shorelines: Natural History and Ecology. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.

Please refer to your assignment sheet for more detailed instructions.