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Latin American Studies

Reference Ebooks Ingram Library licenses

Below are some of the reference ebooks licensed by Ingram Library. To find entries about Latin American in discipline-specific encyclopedia (like the Ecotourism, Child Labor, International Women's Rights, and others), explore Credo Reference and Oxford Reference. Credo Reference, Oxford Reference, and the books linked below are subscription-based resources. To access these from off-campus you must have the current GALILEO password.

Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
"This encyclopedia explores the many long-standing influences of Africa and people of African descent on the culture of the Americas, while tracing the many ways in which the Americas remain closely interconnected with Africa." (2008)

Britain and the Americas: Culture, Politics and History
"A comprehensive encyclopedia covering the close ties between Britain and the whole of the Americas, examining Britain's cultural and political legacy to the nations of the New World." (2005)

The Companion the Latin American Studies
"This guide gives a brief and accessible overview of the whole of Latin American Studies. Covering all the possible topics, from colonial cultures and identity to US Latino culture and issues of race, gender and sexuality, this book situates Latin America in its historical, linguistic and cultural context. Whether taking a single module or a whole degree in Latin American Studies, this book provides students with a reliable companion throughout the course." (2003)

The Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
"In this title some 40 development economists, most of them from the World Bank's poverty reduction and economic management network, an epicenter of the profession, tell us what they see on the horizon of their technical disciplines and of their geographic areas of specialization. Following the 2008-09 global financial crises, much economic policy is up for reexamination. This synthesis picks from each chapter what is new, what is likely to change, and what will be different in the future." (2010)

Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature, 1990-2003
"The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Latin American and Caribbean Literature, 1900-2003 draws together entries on all aspects of literature including authors, critics, major works, magazines, genres, schools and movements in these regions from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day." (2004)

Financial Times World Desk Reference
"Gives a complete overview of the modern world with hundreds of maps, charts and diagrams, and facts and statistics on the world's nations." (2011)

Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations
"Using humanistic principles to strip away the jargon and narrowness inherent in much of modern-day political scholarship, this historical encyclopedia reclaims the breadth of vision, the privileging of factual evidence over theory, and the moral tenor prevalent in classical political inquiry." (2002)

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Latino Literature
"From East L.A. to the barrios of New York City and the Cuban neighborhoods of Miami, Latino literature, or literature written by Hispanic peoples of the United States, is the written word of North America's vibrant Latino communities. Emerging from the fusion of Spanish, North American, and African cultures, it has always been part of the American mosaic. Written for students and general readers, this encyclopedia surveys the vast landscape of Latino literature from the colonial era to the present." (2002)

A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures: Continental Europe and its Empires
"A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures provides an integrated and authoritative body of information about the political, cultural and economic contexts of postcolonial literatures that have their provenance in the major European Empires of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain as well as places like Latin America and the Philippines." (2008)

Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
"This comprehensive encyclopedia covers the reciprocal effects that the politics, foreign policy, and culture of Spain, Portugal, and the American nations have had on one another since the time of Columbus." (2006)

The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, 2nd edition (2004)

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States (2005)

The Oxford Encyclopecia of Mesoamerican Cultures (2001)

Pop Culture Latin America! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
"A survey of contemporary Latin American popular culture, covering topics that range from music and film to popular festivals and fashion." (2005)

The Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S.
"Latinos in the United States have fought hard to attain equality, especially in the field of education. The Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S. focuses on this fight for equal educational access and represents a significant addition to American educational literature." (2007)