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History in Science

A guide to history in science resources for Dr Gaquere-Parker class (Perspectives in Science and Math)

Basic Database Searching

By looking through our reference databases like Credo Reference and Oxford Reference Online, you should be able to discover some of the modern applications of your topic.  Current research and developments on these applications are published in periodical that we gather in our databases.

Ingram Library has databases specialized to every major on campus.  If you are looking for newspaper, magazine, or journal articles on a topic, we recommend the following steps.

  1. Start the GALILEO Discover Tool (the search bar across the top of GALILEO).
  2. Search for a specific application of your topic, and not just the topic itself.
  3. Use the limiters on the left side of the screen to narrow your results to the most relevant.
  4. Search for articles in other databases more specific to your topic.  You can use the subject lists in GALILEO or we have many research guides that recommend databases to you.
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Biology
    4. Computer Science
    5. Math
    6. Nursing
  5. Ask for help from a librarian!  My contact information is to the right.  You can also chat with a librarian right away by using the widget at the right.