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EndNote Web

Cite While You Write: List of Works Cited (MS Word)

1.) EndNote Web inserts citations and builds your bibliography as you write your paper

2.) EndNote Web will format the citations and bibliography to match the output style you select

3.) In the EndNote Web tab in Word, in the Bibliography window, choose the citation style you want. If you do not see the style you want, go Format Paper under the Format tab in EndNote Web, click Select Favorites and add it to My Favorites. You will have to re-start Word for the added style to display in the Style menu

4.) Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation

5.) In the Citations window, click on Find Citations and in the search box, enter author’s name, title keywords, or year

6.) Select the desired reference and click Insert

7.) You will now see the citation in your MS Word document; example: (Barnhart, 2005)

8.) At the end of the document, the reference will appear correctly formatted in your bibliography

9.) If you do not want the author’s name (or the year, or both) in the citation (for example, you do not want the author’s name because it is in the sentence), select the appropriate choice from the insert menu (Insert & Exclude Author, etc.)

10.) To remove a citation, go to Edit Citations, select the citation you want to remove, and click Remove and OK. The citation will be deleted, but to remove the reference from the bibliography, click Update Citations and Bibliography