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EndNote Web

Cite While You Write: Footnotes and Endnotes (MS Word)

1.) Insert EndNote Web references in your footnotes and endnotes

2.) EndNote Web will format these to match your citation style while using them to build your bibliography at the end of your document

3.) In the EndNote Web tab in Word, in the Bibliography window, choose the citation style you want. See the third bullet above if the style you want is not in the style menu

4.) In your document, place the cursor where you want to insert a footnote or endnote

5.) References tab: Insert Footnote (or Insert Endnote)

6.) With the cursor in the footnote (or endnote) space, go to the EndNote Web tab in Word and click on Find Citations (in the Citations window)

7.) In the search box enter author’s name, title keyword(s), or year

8.) Select the desired reference and click Insert

9.) The reference now appears in your footnote (or endnote) and in your bibliography