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Citation Management Software

Quick overview of a variety of options for managing your citaitons.

EndNote Web

EndNote Web (Register/Sign-In)

UWG students and faculty have access to EndNote Web as a complement to our institutional subscription to Web of Knowledge (aka Web of Science).  

Endnote Web Guide

Endnote Web Video Tutorial

Export citations from Zotero to EndNote

If you previously used Zotero as your citation manager and wish instead to use EndNote, follow these instructions.

(It is recommended that you choose only one citation manager and use it consistently. Exporting citations between managers is not diffficult but takes some time.)

  1. Highlight (select) the Zotero records that you wish to export.
  2. Right-click on the selection and, from the menu bar, select "Exported selected items"
  3. Export format choose Refer/BibIX.
  4. A file will be created called "Exported Items.txt". Rename it if you like, but keep the txt extension.
  5. Start up EndNote and open up the library into which you want to import the citations.
  6. Select File/Import from the toolbar.
  7. For Import Data File, browse to where ever you saved the test file, and choose it.
  8. For Import Option, select EndNote Import. Click Import.
  9. Your records should now appear in the Imported References folder or in the library that is open.