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MS in Nursing

Using the Journal Locator

Use the techniques in this video to locate a specific journal article through the Ingram Library databases.

Using the Find It button in the databases

Sometimes you don't find the full-text of an article in a database. Here's how you get the actual article:

  1. If the database has the Find It button, click on that
  2. A window will open and show you if UWG has the journal online.
  3. Often you'll see multiple listings.
  4. Look for the one that includes the publication date of the article you are interested in and click GO
  5. If Find It does not identify a subscription to the journal, request the article through ILLiad.


If the database does not have the Find It button, then you need to use the Journal Locator.  See the instructions below or the following video for using this tool.

  1. Make note of the JOURNAL title and issue the article was published in (Example American Quarterly volume 60, issue 3, 2008)
  2. On Library homepage click the Journals tab in the main big box
  3. Type in the Journal Title (American Quarterly in this case) in the box and click search
  4. If multiple titles come up, click on the linked title for the journal you want
  5. In the next window look for a database that includes the publication date for the article you want and click the database title.