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Government Documents

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As part of the Federal Depository Library Program, the Government Documents Department at the Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library is dedicated to serving the needs of library users at the University of West Georgia by collecting and organizing government information products and providing access, instruction, and assistance in the use of these products.

Ingram Library has been a selective depository for federal documents since 1962, serving the Third Congressional District of Georgia in accordance with the Guidelines for the Federal Depository Library Program (rev. 1996) and the Instructions to Depository Libraries.

Who Creates Federal Government Documents?

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The eagle logo above represents the Federal Depository Library Program. Libraries participating in the program receive copies of U.S. Government documents and publications at no cost from the Government Printing Office. UWG's Ingram Library is a Selective Depository, meaning that we receive some, but not all documents and publications made available.