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Research sources for Math students and faculty at UWG Ingram Library

  Reference Books

Ingram Library subscribes to the reference database Credo Reference, which includes hundreds of encyclopedias, biographies, atlases, and other reference books on a wide variety of topics.

In addition, we have a number of reference books that may be of use to you.  All of the following books can be found in the Reference Stacks (on the main first floor).

Handbooks, Quick Reference Guides:

  • CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics (Ref. QA5 .W45 1999)
  • Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas (Ref. QC61 .W67 2003)
  • American Heritage Science Dictionary (Ref. Q 123 .A5178 2005)
  • Encyclopaedia of Scientific Units, Weights and Measures (Ref. QC94 .C295 2003)
  • Career opportunities in science (Ref Q147 .E33 2008)
  • Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics (Ref. QC5 .D485 2001)
  • Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (Ref. Q123 .E497 2002)

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